Tinnitus Treatment Spotlight #3:

Lipoflavonoid Plus 500

What Are Lipoflavonoids And Are They A Viable Tinnitus Treatment?


You may, or may not have heard of the benefits of taking the supplement known as Lipoflavonoid can have in reducing tinnitus symptoms. There is in fact a large amount of evidence that shows that when taken over time it can have a significant effect in reducing the ringing in ears. So what are Lipoflavonoids?


We have looked at a number of Lipoflavonoid supplements on the market to guauge their effectiveness in terms of customer satisfaction as well as price. As with all supplements, there is a wide range of Lipoflavonoid products on the market, with varying price tags, tablets per bottle and quality of the supplement itself. So do lipoflavonoids really it work? Secondly, if they do, which lipoflavonoids are the best?

Well the feedback from customers give the product an average of 4.5 stars out of 5. Here are some extracts from some of the people who have used Lipoflavonoid Plus 500.

This product has been the most effective solution for me.

“I now take Lipoflavonoid Plus regularly 3 times a day. Just keep in mind that this is the kind of supplement that has to ‘build up’ in your system before you get peak results and for me it took about two months to go from 10 (worst) to about a 5 which is bearable. Now, having taken it for four months, I have no noticeable ringing; I’d say less than 1. ……” (T.Snider, Los Angeles, Ca.US October 2011).

Best in Class
“My husband really loves this product. Though there may be no scientific research proving the efficacy of this product, he has really benefited from its use. His tinnitis is greatly diminished through the use of this product. The 500-caplet version is very convenient, also.” ( from C-Val May 2011)

Great deal for Lipoflavonoid
My mother swears by this product for her tinnitus. She ran out of it unexpectedly so I placed an order through this company and we had it in her mail box in less than a week! Normally a bottle of 100 cost about $30 to $35 in the retail market, so this bottle of 500 was a great deal! Michele (Diamond Springs, CA, US, August 2011)

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A slightly cheaper alternative solution to the Lipoflavonoids 500 product is produced by their competitor DSE Healthcare Solutions. The average star rating was just under 4 out of 5, so whilst their is a slight cost saving, their may also be a slight difference in effectiveness.

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As with all tinnitus treatments, the effectiveness of the product will vary depending on the individual. However, we srongly recommend you look into lipoflavonoids further as these might be an additional ‘weapon in your armory for fighting your tinnitus symptoms!


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